Peach Momoko (桃桃子) Art Commission (Tokyo Comic Con )

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Peach Momoko (桃桃子) Tokyo Comic Con (11.22-24, 2019)commission Order

Illustrator, comic artist. Marvel cover artist. For Commission request, please email to ZMXCOMICS@GMAIL.COM  EMAIL TITLE WITH "PEACH TOKYO"

■HEAVY METAL issue 290 "Tohko"
■2017 Official art for movie, "Cynthia" for Girls and Corpses
■2017 Official art for movie, "Meatball Machine" directed by Nishimura
■2017 Official 15th Anniversary for MIYAVI design (Japan)
■2016.10 EXTRart (Japan)
■季刊エス夏2016・Star Sインタビューコラム(Japan)
■季刊エス春2016・Star S銅賞受賞(Japan)
■Infected By Art Vol. 4 インク部門金賞受賞(USA)
■季刊エス秋2015・Star S注目賞受賞(Japan)
■Girls and Corpses Magazine (USA)

Due to regular work load, artists' commissions may take 1-4 months or even longer. Thanks for your supporting and understanding.